Offal and by-products

[Sparta Foods (Pty) Ltd]

All offal products are marketed and sold country-wide. Both red and green offal play an important role in Sparta's marketing and it is also referred to as the fifth quarter. Approximately 1 250 tonnes of offal is processed monthly.

A red offal set weighs approximately 19 kg and consists of the lung, heart and liver (collectively known as the pluck), tail, tongue, spleen and stomach fat. It is packed in boxes of 10 kg and 20 kg; the raw fat in 25 kg crates. A green offal set weighs approximately 50 kg and consists of the intestines, bible, tripe, head and feet. All green offal is packed in standard weights of 10 kg.

Given how perishable offal products are, most of the offal is quick frozen after production. This is done within one hour after receipt from the slaughter floor.

Some of the offal products is packed into retail ready 1.5 kg carry bags.