Our business consists of two divisions, cattle feeding and beef processing with support services on either a group or regional level for each of these divisions.


We have always lived close to the land,

and it is this love for our land and our cattle that inspires us to produce great beef.

Raising cattle requires time, dedication and a real understanding of the animal and its needs. Many of hours are spent on each animal and our team works diligently to ensure their health and well-being.

Our calves are pasture-raised and grain-finished in the pristine South African countryside. Our business practices are underpinned by good animal husbandry and strict adherence to food safety regulations, and our EID* system ensures that our meat is traceable from farm to finished product.

We raise our cattle on our land in the Free State and North-West provinces of South Africa. In our Marquard (Free State) cattle feeding operation we are proud to be accredited with the following international standards and specifications: ISO 9001(Quality), ISO 14001(Environmental), ISO 22000(Food Safety) and OHSAS 18001(Operational Health).


We are committed to maintaining world-class health and safety standards.

Our beef pant consists of an abattoir, a beef deboning facility, a retail-ready and foodservice factory as well as an offal and byproducts facility.

At our plant, we slaughter our own animals and hindquarters and forequarters are further processed into primal cuts, e.g. steak cuts (whole fillet, sirloin, ribeye, etc.) as well as round cuts (whole topside, silverside, chuck, brisket, etc.).

We also produce a variety of production beef products e.g. trimmings, crops, fat, etc. Our offal products are cleaned and packaged into bulk or retail-ready packs.

Sparta’s beef processing facility also houses a retail-ready packing facility servicing the retail trade.

The value-add department produces foodservice products for the hospitality industry as well as beef for food production plants.

The plant is situated in Welkom in the Free State. The Free State province being in the centre of South Africa makes it very central in terms of delivering beef across South Africa. The proximity to Johannesburg also makes exporting beef via air freight very convenient. Sparta beef is exported to many countries across the globe via maritime transport.

The Sparta beef plant is FSSC 22000 accredited, certified Halaal and Export approved (ZA 91). Our products are traceable via our EID electronic identification system throughout our vertically integrated operation.


The Sparta Group has a vertically integrated operating structure.


Located in Welkom,
 Free State

Deboning facility
Value-add and retail packaging
Offal processing
By products
Beef distribution


Located in Marquard, 
Free State and Potchefstroom, North West

Cattle feeding
Calf pasture backgrounding
Mixed farming


Located in Benoni, Gauteng

Retail distribution

We pride ourselves in the care we take in rearing good quality, healthy animals
– ensuring that you can enjoy great-tasting beef, every time.


Not all beef is created equal.
At Sparta we pride ourselves in producing superior quality, great tasting beef.

Rest assured that we have ticked all the boxes when it comes to quality – ensuring that every bite is tender, tasty and full of flavour.

This quality is underpinned by the following certifications and regulations we adhere to from start to finish:



We pride ourselves in offering a large selection of fresh and freshly frozen, quality beef and beef products.

Each product is carefully packaged to ensure optimal freshness and is marked with our signature Sparta seal of approval.

Our deboned hindquarter and forequarter primal cuts are generously trimmed, ensuring minimal offcuts when slicing. Our trim ensures a ‘ready to roast or portion’ product. The chilled, deboned product is vacuum packed in a special barrier bag, after which the product is sent through a steam tunnel – ensuring that the pack is tight and intact. If the cold chain is maintained, the chilled (not frozen) product has a guaranteed shelf life of three months.
These products can be ordered frozen on special request.

Our bone-in cuts are fresh or freshly frozen and produced on order.
Special high-abuse bags, and in some instances bone guard, are used to ensure that the bone does not puncture the vacuum bag – ensuring a longer shelf life on our fresh bone-in products.
These products can be ordered frozen on special request.

CLICK HERE to view our full selection of beef primal cuts

o Steak cuts
Ribeye | Fillet | Sirloin | Rump | T-bone rack | Club rack | Prime rib rack

o Round cuts – boneless
Knuckle | Topside | Topside de-capped | Topside denuded | Topside cap | Silverside | Silverside flat | Silverside eye | Bolo | Brisket – boneless

o Forequarter primal cuts – bone in
Brisket bone in | Chuck and blade bone in | Short rib

o Bone in products
Shin bone in (HQ + FQ) | Neck stew | Neck block | Neck bone in

o Rib products – bone in
Flat rib | Beef rib BBQ select (HQ) | Beef rib BBQ select (FQ) | Loin rib

o More products
Flank steak thin | Flank steak thick | Rump tail

Our clients have access to our pioneering beef innovation team, who will assist in creating tailor-made products for further production or for the hospitality industry. Product is delivered on a two-day lead time.

Our beef innovation team works closely with our retail clients to create tailor-made products suited to their customers. Sparta also has an exciting range of branded and labelled, retail-ready products that can be bought by any of our customers. All Sparta retail-ready product is labelled in accordance with South African labelling regulations. Product is delivered on a two-day lead time.

CLICK HERE to view our full selection of retail packed and value-added products

o Retail packed products

Rump steak | Sirloin steak | Ribeye steak | T-bone steak | Club steak | Fillet steak

Mince and ground beef
Lean mince MAP | Beef mince MAP | Lean mince flex-flex | Beef mince flex-flex | Ground beef Flex-flex

Pickled products
Pickled beef | Pickled tongue

Stewing products
Oxtail | Stewing beef – bone in | Stewing beef blocks – boneless

Beef patties
Pure beef patties 150g | Budget beef patties 90g | Family patties 100g

Gourmet products
Traditional rump sosatie | Mega rump sosatie | Big braai steak (Texan) | Sticky beef braai rashers | Ribeye top roast | Beef stir-fry strips | Ox liver | Clean white tripe

o Value-added products
We produce a variety of products for the hospitality and production sectors
Some of these products include bulk mince, beef cubes, stir-fry stips, burger patties etc. Please contact our sales team for more information

Our red meat production beef is vacuum packed in a special barrier bag, after which the product is sent through a steam tunnel – ensuring that the pack is tight and intact. If the cold chain is maintained, the chilled (not frozen) product has a guaranteed shelf life of three months.
Our fat is delivered fresh or freshly frozen. All products can be ordered frozen on special request.

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What is VL
This measurement refers to the visual lean (VL) quality of the product i.e Trimmings are 90vl,90% meat,10% fat. Daily sampling is done to electronically verify the VL of our products. This is referred to as CL (Chemical Lean)

o Production beef and fat
Shin boneless HQ&FQ | Soft Shin | Flank (70vl) | Crops (95vl) | Buttock crops (95vl) | Trimmings (90vl) | Body fat | Suet

Offal, also called variety meats or organ meats, can be split into two categories, namely red offal and green offal. The frozen product has a guaranteed shelf life of one-year.

Red offal

Our red offal products include the heart, tongue, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen and oxtail. No part of the animal goes to waste, with every part being utilised. Our red offal products can be ordered in 1 kg retail-ready packs, or bulk packs of 10 kg. Some are further value added to smaller high-end retail-ready packs. These are packed in random weights of 400-600g per fomo pack.

Green offal
Our green offal products include tripe, stomach fat, cow heels, intestines and bible. It is washed before packing and can be ordered in retail-ready packs of 1 kg, or bulk packs of 10 kg. A selection of green offal is packed in 3 -10 kg combo packs. Some of our green offal product is packed in smaller random weight packs of 400-600g per pack.

CLICK HERE to view our full selection of beef offal products

o Red offal
Heart | Liver | Lungs | Minced lungs | Spleen | Lip meat | Kidneys | Cheek meat

o Green offal
Black tripe | Bible | Clean tripe | Sliced cow heals | Intestines

o Combo products
10 kg combo – 4 kg intestines, 3 kg bible, 3 kg black tripe
3 kg combo – 1 kg intestines, 1 kg bible, 1 kg black tripe
R-set (approx. 20 kg) – 1 x lung unit (± 5kg), 1 x intestine unit (±10 kg), 1 x bible unit (± 4 kg)

o Other products

Head with skin on – cheek meat and lip meat in tact

o Sweet breads

Cow heels – dirty
 | Pancreas
 | Pizzles