NPO No: 153-412 / Article 18A:9171442222
Proudly sponsored by Sparta


Mama Sophia’s was established in April 2015 as a facility catering for physically and mentally challenged children and young adults. This concept was inspired by our vision to empower children by giving them a sense of purpose. Our aim is to ensure that each student at the centre becomes self-sufficient and independent, regardless of their individual challenges.

Mama Sophia’s has been running a successful recycling project that produces unique handmade products and gifts, as well as a shredding business for local Marquard businesses. While these projects create a small income for the school, the main objective is to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students.

Mama Sophia’s has grown, and since inception two additional classrooms have been added to accommodate more junior level learners. Despite the centre’s success as a non-profit organisation, they do not receive any funding from the government and are reliant on donations to continue their work.

Sparta is proud to spearhead this life-changing cause, and we are eternally grateful to those who have contributed financially – and also their time – to make a difference in the lives of these individuals.


  • Pallets
  • Craft Paints
  • Ribbons
  • Buttons
  • Scrap material
  • Beads with large holes to thread through
  • Magnets
  • Tyres
  • Wine corks
  • Small fan
  • Blinds for one window
  • Paving blocks
  • Large jungle gym
  • Fabric paint
  • Fairy lights
  • Uniform sponsors
  • Brown paper bags
  • Clear packaging packets
  • Cereal and/or other snacks
  • Sand for sandpit
  • Paving for outdoor play area
  • Large beanbag chair
  • Occupational therapy soft wedges, rollers and blocks
  • Hammock
  • Volunteers to teach learners a new skill or give them work experience
  • Become a Sponsoring Guardian for a learner
  • Bicycles, tricycles and plastic motorbikes
  • Dolls