Our dynamic sales team is made up of skilled, passionate and experienced individuals who oversee all issues relating to sales and customer satisfaction.

Building a mutually loyal and beneficial relationship with our client, is our top priority. We strive to provide excellent service, always deliver on time and supply you with consistent quality products. We offer many value-added services relating to new product innovation to you, with access to our pioneering beef innovation team.

Our team prides itself in being available 24 hours a day, with regular visits to clients being part and parcel of the way we do business.

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Our comprehensive product list can be divided into three categories:

Beef primal cuts
boneless and bone-in

ribeye | fillet | sirloin | rump | T-bone Rack | club rack | ribeye rack |
knuckle | topside | topside de-capped | topside denuded | topside cap | silverside | silverside flat | silverside eye | bolo | brisket – boneless | brisket bone in | chuck and blade bone in | short rib | shin bone in (HQ) | neck stew | neck block | neck bone in
Flat rib | BBQ select rib (HQ) | BBQ select rib (FQ) | Loin rib | Flank steak thin | Flank steak thick | Rump tail

Production beef
and fat

shin | soft shin
flank | crops | trimmings
body fat | suet

Value added &
retail packed product

trimmed oxtail | pickled beef & tongue
espetadas | kebabs | big braai (Texan) steaks | matured portioned steaks
beef cubes & strips | mince | burger patties
sausages | beef roasts | marinated sticky ribs

Beef offal products
wholesale & retail ready packs

lungs | minced lungs
liver | hearts | tongues
oxtail | cheek meat | bible
black tripe | intestines | stomach fat


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