We pride ourselves in offering a large selection of fresh and freshly frozen, quality beef and beef products.

Each product is carefully packaged to ensure optimal freshness and is marked with our signature Sparta seal of approval.

Beef is our business. We strive to produce and deliver only the highest quality beef and beef products to our clients.

Sparta Beefy Facts

  • Chilled boneless product is packed into special barrier bags and have a 60-90-day shelf life (CHILLED not frozen).
  • Chilled bone-in product is packed into high abuse bags giving it an extended shelf life.
  • Our special Sparta trim is tight ensuring an easy-to-portion product with little or no waste.
  • X-ray verified visual lean (VL) results on trimmings, flanks and crops.
  • Input from our beef innovation team is available to all our clients.
  • A wide range of retail-ready and food service products are available.
  • Retail-ready packed offal product available.
  • Nationwide and daily delivery to many locations.
  • Our beef is exported to many destinations across the globe.

What is VL?

VL refers to the visual lean (VL) quality of the product and as the name suggests it is a visual estimate.
For example, 80 VL refers to the visually estimated percentage of meat in the product, while the remainder, i.e. 20 VL, refers to the product’s visually estimated fat content.
Our trimmings, crops and flank VL is electronically verified by an X-ray machine. This is referred to as CL (Chemical Lean). All our flanks, crops and trimmings pass through an X-ray machine to electronically verify the VL of the product.