Wagyu Denver

Our Sparta Wagyu Denver steak is cut from the most heavily marbled muscle in the animal, the chuck. Immensely rich and intense in flavour as well as expertly trimmed and sliced, this cut is great for cooking on the grill.

Retail-Ready Packaging
Wagyu Denver Steak RP (4405)
2 Denver steaks per punnet ± 250g x 2
4 to 6 Punnets per box ± 3kg
Expertly aged, 21-day shelf life – chilled
Bulk Packaging
Wagyu Denver Steak (4229)
Whole Denver steaks individually vacuum-packed in special barrier bags ± 1.5kg – 1.7kg
4 Units per box ± 6.4kg
Expertly aged, 60-day shelf life – chilled