Wagyu Tri-tip

This beautiful piece of meat derives its name from its triangular shape. Cut from the end of the rump, it cuts into delicious individual steaks or can be cooked whole as a fantastic roast. Due to its versatility this cut is fast becoming increasingly popular.

Retail-Ready Packaging
Wagyu Rump Steak Medallions RP (4409)
4 Rump steak medallions per punnet ± 200g x 4
4 to 6 Punnets per box ± 4.8kg
Expertly aged, 21-day shelf life – chilled
Bulk Packaging
Wagyu Tri-tip Steak (4218)
Whole Rumptail individually vacuum-packed in special barrier bags ± 800g – 850g
4 Units per box ± 3kg – 3.4kg
Expertly aged, 90-day shelf life – chilled